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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Notes from Microsoft Ignite
Meet Office 365 Compliance Center: Your One Stop Shop for Everything Compliance

Microsoft Ignite is proving to be an exciting conference with new technologies and announcements about how Microsoft is evolving their technology stack to help us collaborate in new and better ways. I'm at the conference attending sessions on security, data protection, migration and other topics and want to share my notes so that they may be a resource to others as well.

Presented: Tuesday May 5, 2015
Presenters: Kamal Janardhan, Group Program Manager Microsoft

Compliance and Governance

  • Organizations are under attack - there is money and value globally to your information
  • Changes is the only constant
  • You are required to prove compliance - the leaders of business are responsible and accountable
  • You want insights and alerting

You own your data; we/Microsoft are the guardians of it!
  • Pervasive to protect
  • Transparent to enable and extend
  • People centric for productivity
  • Years ago the best way to be compliant was to have no users - this has its obvious downsides

"He who sacrifices productivity for compliance deserves neither."

What you may be doing today…
  • SharePoint/OneDrive
  • Exchange
  • Lync/Skype for Business
  • Compliance and Governance Solutions
  • Social, IM (FB, Facebook, etc.)
  • Third Party Archives

Office 365 Compliance Center - Piece Of Mind

NOW AVAILABLE:Fastest way to ingest data into the Office 365 Service - Ship a drive with content (ex. PST files) to Microsoft to connect up to your service.

Compliance Center provides a single definition of policy that applies to all Office 365 workloads and applications.

Microsoft wants to build a partner ecosystem around compliance where partners can incorporate more data and solutions for Office 365 compliance.
  • Ex. pharmaceutical records management, medical records management, health care compliance requirements

Compliance Center - where does it fit into this story?
  • One experience across all workflows (EXO, SPO, Skype for Business, etc.)
  • When I define a policy that says I don't want content that's sensitive to be shared outside the organization I want that policy applied consistently across all workloads and applications.
  • Consistent Governance (preservation, delete, device, protection, DLP)
  • Insights and Alerts for security and compliance

On Premise
  • Cloud Connect
    • On premises can still have compliance features in the cloud
    • Cloud based compliance center, auditing, analyze with Equivio, DLP and more
  • Pure On Premises - have a set of features that enable that

  • Easy to ingest
    • Partner preview coming up: ability to ingest data from 3rd parties (Facebook, twitter, IM, Yahoo, Bloomberg) and rehydration from archives
    • Coming soon: Drives from documents
  • All storage you need
    • Store and access - preserve what you need, delete what you don't
  • Announcements:
    • Office 365 archives will grow indefinitely
    • Public folders preservation
    • Document deletion in SharePoint - set a policy on a SharePoint site based on some criteria that will let you delete or preserve information within the site automatically (outside of Information Management Policies in content types)
    • Coming soon: Compliance for modern groups and Yammer

DEMO: Drive Shipping Feature

  • Click on Import tab and start the Archiving Import Wizard

eDiscovery is Microsoft's term for Compliance Search
  • Search and refine with compliance search; one search for all data types; search based on metadata and index
  • Need to have search in the context of where data is created

Microsoft acquired Equivio in Jan 2015 (Equivio Zoom)
  • Will show Equivio running on Azure
  • Can sign up for customer preview to use it

Granular Search Permissions
  • Restrict who can search
  • Restrict by data range when they can search

DEMO: Compliance Search

  • Enter name of search
  • Can select to search mailboxes or sites
  • Enter keywords to search
  • Can search Facebook posts or Twitter feeds
  • Narrowed down search results and then previewed each item

Equivio Zoom
  • Can generate a set of themes
  • Can analyze overlap in themes

Office 365 Data Loss Prevention
  • Announced today: policy tips in SharePoint and OneDrive for business in preview
  • This is the concept of defining policies once and having them apply to all workloads, all apps, all devices

DEMO: DLP, Policy Management and Device Protection

  • When creating a DLP policy you can today select SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business - in future will be able to select Exchange and other services
  • Created a low count and a high count rule for UK PII policy - triggers rule based on number of national insurance numbers
  • Many actions to select if policy is triggered:
    • Send notification
    • Email notification content
    • Policy tip
    • Override options
    • Have policy reports go to the infosec team
  • Can have policies on, off or on in TEST mode


  • Creating a new device security policy
    • can specify the base requirements that a device must meet to connect to Office 365
    • Can then control various aspects of the device
    • Can select an Azure AD group that you wish to apply the policy to

DEMO: Auditing

  • New audit pipeline to capture all O365 activity
  • Correlation and search across content that is person and content centric
  • Search, stream and export using new O365 Management Activity API
  • Office 365 activity report will replace the AD report and Exchange reports already there
  • Filter by date, filter by action, filter by user(s), filter by file or folder
  • This report is about investigating an issue
  • Can export output of activity report
  • Supervisory review
  • Drive shipping for documents and other data types (+partners)
  • Ingestion for social, IM, financials, etc. (+Partners)
  • Analyze with O365 search + Equivio
  • Compliance center experiences
  • Audit reporting experiences
  • Alerting and anomaly detection (+Partners)
  • Device protection for Windows 10, Lync, OneNote, Outlook, etc.
You can watch the entire presentation here: Enjoy.

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