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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Notes from Microsoft Ignite
A File's Future with OneDrive for Business

Microsoft Ignite is proving to be an exciting conference with new technologies and announcements about how Microsoft is evolving their technology stack to help us collaborate in new and better ways. I'm at the conference attending sessions on security, data protection, migration and other topics and want to share my notes so that they may be a resource to others as well.

Presented: Tuesday May 5, 2015
Presenters: Reuben Krippner, Director Product Management , Microsoft


  • Editing with Office and Office Online
  • Version Control
  • Yammer
  • Modern Attachments in OWA
  • Delve

Mobile Options
  • iOW, Android and Windows apps for phones and tablets
  • Upload
  • Edit
  • Search
  • Recover
  • Share

Security, Control and Compliance
  • Auditing and reporting
  • Data loss Prevention and eDiscovery
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Information Rights management
  • Sync Controls
  • Data Retention Policies
  • Encryption at Rest
  • Compliance

DEMO: Activity Report

  • Can define a data range to search all activities
  • Can filter on action (ex. how many files have been shared during the timeframe)
  • Context about the action is displayed to the right of the list of content: IDs, who it was shared with, date/time, etc.
    • Service is capturing this data and this is the first effort to exposing that
    • Great tool for investigation and understanding
    • Not a tool yet for measuring the adoption of OneDrive for business
  • Can export activity report
  • Will be providing an API to connect with it

DEMO: DLP Policies

  • Have 50 pre-defined data types
  • All DLP policies previously discussed/reviewed in the Compliance Center applied to OneDrive for Business as well
  • DLP Policy Tips are also functioning with OneDrive

Our Vision for OneDrive

Creating "Next-Gen" OneDrive Experiences
    Seamless across work and personal Simple experiences across devices Enterprise grade IT


    • Rolling out in November
    • Auditing and reporting preview
    • Disable sync of unmanaged PCs - New IT administrator capability to block sync with OneDrive for Business from non-Domain Joined PCs
    • DLP phase 2 preview
    • Unified OneDrive API

    - Q2 2015
    • Migration API for files
    • O365 Management Activity API for Auditing
    • Storage quota control
    • Will enhance PDF support in OneDrive for Business
    • With one click or touch, will be to save a file to OneDrive for Business
    • Will provide mechanism to easily include attachments
    • Can expire content
    • Will provide easy way to revoke sharing of a file

    - Q3-2015
    • Allow/deny list for external sharing domains
    • Archive external sharing emails - additional record of when external share activities happened
    • Intune support for personal/business accounts
    • preview of next gen sync client (Windows and Mac)

    - Q4-2015
    • DLP Phase 3
    • Disable external sharing for specific users
    • Remove 20K file limit - ships with next gen sync client
    • Large file support (10 GB) - ships with next gen sync client
    • next gen sync client (Windows and Mac) GA - will only sync folders to OneDrive for Business
    • Windows 10 universal app (include read-only offline files

    - Planned (no timeline)
    • Unlimited storage
    • DLP support for mobile apps
    • Cross tenant sharing control
    • OneDrive for Business usage reporting (active users, total drive consumption, etc.)
    • Offline mobile editing
    • Offline mobile folders
    • Annotation support for PDFs
    • Modern attachments for outlook
    • Expiration of external shares

    DEMO: Next Gen Sync Client

    - Have selective sync for folders to sync to OneDrive for Business

    Closing Thoughts
    • We're All In!
    • OneDrive for Business is a massive strategic investment!
    • Constant innovation coming to users and IT
    • Visit OneDrive blogs:

    QUESTION: How do you distinguish when to use SharePoint and when to use OneDrive for Business?

    - Document Libraries are for more formal collaboration scenarios where additional requirements are needed
    - OneDrive is more about individual ownership - DLP capabilities may be able to warn people/give guidance when certain types of content should be stored on OneDrive and when it should be stored in SharePoint
    - SUGGESTION: some sort of integration between OneDrive for Business and SharePoint (a publish or share perhaps)

    You can watch the entire presentation here:


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