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Monday, April 22, 2019

SPSTC: An Introduction to Enterprise Mobility + Security

[I posted this to the blog back on Apr 7, 2019, but just realized blogger had not actually published it]

Thanks to everyone that attended my session at SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities in Minneapolis on April 6/19!  You can find my presentation slides below, and should be able to download them from SlideShare.  This session had a lot of information to in it, walking through the various components that make up the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security offering and the licensing options around those offerings.

The licensing in particular is complex, but ultimately your options for this offering are:

Enterprise Mobility + Security E3

This subscription includes:

  • Azure Active Directory Premium P1
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Azure Information Protection P1
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics
  • Azure Rights Management (part of Azure Information Protection) and the Windows Server CAL rights.

Enterprise Mobility + Security E5  

This subscription includes all the capabilities of Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 plus:

  • Azure Active Directory Premium P2
  • Azure Active Directory Identity Protection (as a feature of AAD Premium P2)
  • Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (as a feature of AAD Premium P2)
  • Azure Information Protection P2
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection

You can find more information about Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security licensing here:  There are other licensing options as well, but these are the primary ones that organization consider when they look to increase the security and compliance features which their organization is leveraging.

Table of Enterprise Mobility + Security

You can learn a lot more about each feature included across all Microsoft Security and Compliance tools from our Table of Enterprise Mobility + Security.  The features and tools are grouped together to identify the tools that help you to accomplish specific related tasks, and clicking on each tile in the table will take you to the Microsoft documentation which is specific to that service or feature.


Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Table of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security!

I'm very happy to announce that I’ve teamed up with jumpto365’s Matt Wade and Niels Gregers Johansen to publish The Table of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security, which is a new addition to the Microsoft Periodic Table series!

Niels, Matt, and I decided at Microsoft Ignite 2018 to work together on a tool that’s been one of the top requested additions to the Periodic Table of Office 365.  That is overview for Microsoft’s Cloud capabilities related to security, compliance and information protection.  Similar to the Office 365 periodic table, the Table of EM&S categorizes similar services together to make the overall offering easier to navigate, and easier to determine which tools are available to you.

 Table of Enterprise Mobility & Security

Considering the breadth of tools available with the EM&S offering, which is maintained by many teams across Microsoft, it can be hard to find central resources providing an overview of the entire suite, which group and describes the tools with respect to each other. This work aims to bring everything together in one spot and make jumpto365 your entry point to understanding the Microsoft Cloud tools that are available to you.

  Table of Enterprise Mobility & Security

Each tile represents a Microsoft service, feature or tool which is related to information protection, security, compliance, and enterprise mobility. Some features are provided as part of the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security offering.  Some come with Office 365 enterprise licenses, some are just built in protections that are critical for people to understand, and some go beyond the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security offering, helping you to understand some of the Advanced Options available for security and compliance

We're highlighting the features and capabilities that are important when considering the security of your Microsoft 365 environment and the tools available to you to help with regulatory compliance.

   Table of Enterprise Mobility & Security

I've worked in the security and compliance space for a very long time, and there are many great solutions built into the Microsoft Cloud which help customers protect their information, secure their tenant, and comply with the regulations that are important to them.  I truly love working with these tools!  In working with many customers though, I find that they often don't know that these tools exist, and learning which one is best for which task is one of the hardest tasks in moving to a more secure and compliant state in Microsoft 365.

The security and compliance tool landscape is vast in Microsoft 365, with a lot of great services, features and tools!  One thing that excites me most about this table is sharing that knowledge with people and giving them an easy way to explore the many security and compliance features available to them.

Links to Documentation and Product Pages

You can jump to the product pages and documentation for each tile in the Table for the particular service or feature, giving you both an overview and access to the in-depth details about how to make use of the service or feature. All of those product pages offer links to the technical documentation, pricing, getting started guides, and live demos.  This lets you check if the service offers what you are looking for before spending money and time on the idea.


All information in the EM+S Table can be found across Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security service websites. If any changes are made by Microsoft to the EM+S services, we will update the Table as well, so that it stays up to date.

More to Come...

This is the beginning of the Table of Microsoft EM&S. We will continuously update the Table with more features and functions to make it better over time. If you have anything you would want to see on the next version, please let me know in a comment below.

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