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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

SharePoint Virtual Summit 2017 - Share with Confidence! #SPSummit

Today Microsoft hosted one of the most highly anticipated SharePoint events:
SharePoint Virtual Summit!

Many of us have been looking forward to this event for weeks and today's event did not disappoint. I tend to focus on the security and governance capabilities when it comes to SharePoint and Office 365, and one of the lines in today's #SPSummit that struck me most was the phrase 'Share with Confidence'! Those of us that work with information every day, even those whose job it is to secure information or oversee the security of information systems, we want to share information with others. Information sharing is a key principle of any collaboration solutions like SharePoint Online. However, we want to be confident that we're sharing with the right people, under the right conditions, and that the information we share is still being protected. Some of today's SharePoint Online announcements really do help improve the Sharing experience in Office 365 so that we can Share with Confidence!

Here are some of my favorite announcements from today that I believe help us better secure our content and share it confidently with others...