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Friday, May 8, 2015

Notes from Microsoft Ignite
Driving User Adoption from a Technical Standpoint

Microsoft Ignite is proving to be an exciting conference with new technologies and announcements about how Microsoft is evolving their technology stack to help us collaborate in new and better ways. I'm at the conference attending sessions on security, data protection, migration and other topics and want to share my notes so that they may be a resource to others as well.

Presented: Friday May 8, 2015
- Laura Rogers, Rackspace
- Lori Gowin, Premiere Field Engineer, Microsoft

User Adoption Issues

- Working on files straight from sharepoint - Office Integration - lack of awareness - its hard to use files that are in SharePoint
  • Save straight to SharePoint
  • Open straight from SharePoint
  • User answer: manually add locations
  • Admin answer: promote locations that ae pertinent to users
  • Admin: audiences, AD, group policy (hundreds of settings)

- Authentication
  • I keep getting prompted to authenticate
  • Why doesn't it know my domain
  • User answer: know what IE settings to configure
  • Admin answer: push IE settings via group policy, integrated windows authentication, default domain

- The App Store
  • Why can't we have the App Store?
  • What App do I need?
  • Help users to understand what is there, not get overwhelmed

- Organizing the clutter
  • How can we easily archive or move files somewhere else, or
  • We need to just drop files in SharePoint and not have to think about where exactly, or
  • How can we manage the lifecycle of data, or
  • There is too much stuff to sort through

- Finding Files
  • I can't find that attachment?
  • Where is that document?

- Mobility
  • Why is it so hard to configure my phone to work with this?
  • I want to work with this when I am offline
  • I only want to carry 1 device, for both personal and work
  • I want to get stuff done when travelling
  • It changes all the time
  • New services added - Delve, Video Portals
  • Look and feel - new tool bards, app launcher, changing master pages by version

Admin Fundamentals - Tools for Admins

  • Active Directory
    • Synchronize with SharePoint
      • Single version of the truth
      • Keeping it updated helps tremendously
    • Create audiences
      • Global - can be used anywhere in your farm
      • Defined dynamic groups of people based on attributes
      • Target content and web parts to audiences
    • Use for Directory
      • Just use SharePoint search to search for people by name
      • Display in web parts
      • Have the manager property configured correctly so that you can use the organizational chart

    - Group policy
    • Use or computer policies
    • Push registry changes - 100s of settings available
      • IE Settings
      • MS Office settings
      • Hundreds of office program settings
      • Even common SharePoint locations
    • Ensure features and applications available for users
    • Link in the presentation to download the Office 2013 group policy templates - these are only for professional; different versions of Office have different registry settings/group policies
    • Important to ensure group policy is set consistently across all users - Every user needs the same version of the truth!

    - SharePoint Central Admin and Office 365 Admin Center
    • Create promoted sites/links
    • Customize the search experience
    • Manage your app store
    • Manage your service applications
    • Manage DLP

    Solutions - What can you the Admin DO?

    - Push links to commonly used libraries and sites - Group Policy - Search customization - Create send to locations - Extras install/configure - Push links to commonly used libraries and sites
    • Add published links to office application
      • Ease of saving/opening files
      • Target to an audience
    • Add personal site URL in Active Directory
      • Attributes is called WWWhomepage by default…
    • Create promoted sites
      • Different types of sites and links to choose from
      • Associate an image
      • Target to an audience
    • Create Custom Template Locations
      • Use them for Office programs
    • Templates targeted to me
      • Use document library with template synchronizations - a document library with content types in it
      • Each set of templates can have a target audience
      • Do you set the document library using Group Policy?

    - Group Policy
    • Office applications - Share
    • Create a library with its own workflows
      • In SP 2013 libraries do not have basic workflows enabled or selected by default
    • All office users can run these common workflows
      • There file gets moved to that library
      • They are notified and can start the workflow
    • Name your SharePoint
    • Save straight to your published links

    DEMO: Promoted Links

    - End user: login to Office 365, Sites, click on Mange the promoted sites below
    • The manage link shows up only for admins
    • When managing from here you don't get a link to set the target audience
    • The tiles which show up at top are the promoted sites

    - Administrator: In Office 365: login as administrator, go to Admin, then User Profiles, Promoted Sites
    • Fill out settings: URL, title, description, image URL, owner, target audience
    • Visibility controlled through audiences
    • On premise, you have control over when audiences get compiled
    • In SharePoint Online, you do not have control over when audiences are compiled - they are only compiled once a week

    - Templates are also configured through a link to a page in User Profiles configuration page
    • This controls the templates available within the office applications, as well as sites with open and save as
    • Can also target by audience
    • Doing this, can associate a template with a content type

    More Solutions

    • QUESTION: if you start a document from a template with a content type, and then save the document to a different library which does not have that content type, is the metadata lost?
    • ANSWER: metadata will not be lost- it will still be saved witihn the document but not available within the library

    - Send To Locations
    • Create archive locations or file drop locations
      • Use across site collections
      • Defile action - Copy, move, move and leave link
      • Allow or disallow manual submission by users
    • Create content organizer rules
      • Defined at each drop site
    • QUESTION: will Send To locations work for OneDrive for Business
      • Could not configure these differently for different end users

    - Data Archiving and Clean up
    • Create compliance policies
      • Retention policies
      • Deletion policies - can configure for an entire site collection; can you use it more specifically?
    • Clutter
      • Turn on or off using OWA
      • Train Clutter
      • Relies on the Office Graph
      • Available for Exchange on prem (only Exchange 2013)
      • End users can turn this on or off - can only turn on from OWA

    - Push Internet Explorer Settings
    • Add sites to IE local intranet policy or trusted sites
      • Single sign on
    • Custom Level
      • Automatic logon with current username and password
    • Group Policy
      • Set per IE version
      • Add trusted sites, home page default, security settings
      • Windows Components\Internet Explorer\Internet Control Panel\Security Page\Site to Zone Assignment List
      • When you push out sites through GPO there is a max length, so use wild cards where possible
      • Will set in IE settings: Preferences\Internet Settings
    • Configure OWA Authentication
      • Integrated Windows Authentication for internal/domain users
      • Configure a default domain for FBA Users

    - Manage the App Store
    • Apps provide solutions beyond the out of the box
    • Deploy strategically
    • Too many, confuses users
    • Deploy by path, URL, Template
    • Monitor and control them - especially if end users go out to the store themselves

    DEMO: Manage the App Store

    - Office 365 Admin > SharePoint Admin page > Apps
    • Can configure access to the store
    • Recommended minimum: allow end users to only request a purchase; don't allow end users to purchase themselves - that way Admins have a control over which apps are deployed, why, can help avoid duplicate apps - there are a lot of duplicates out there
    • Can deploy to specific site collection or multiples - can deploy by managed paths

    More Solutions

  • Configure Search
    • Query rules
    • Search analytics
      • Number of queries
      • Top queries
      • Abandoned queries
      • No result queries
      • Query rule usage
      • People Directory
      • Popular request
      • Keep ad accurate
      • Setup sync from other HR systems

    - New and Changing Services
    • Delve
      • Office graph settings
      • User Option
    • Video Portal
      • Educate, prepare
    • Look and feel
      • Watch for announced changes
      • Limit customization that could break


    • Office 365 Roadmap
    • Office blogs
    • Yammer Office 365 Network

    You can watch the entire presentation here:


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