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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Webinar: SharePoint Security Risks and Compliance - Best Practices for Governance

Thanks to everyone that attended the webinar I co-presented with Chris Taylor (@ctaylor123) of Trend Micro last week. We had a great audience with some really engaging questions.  For anyone looking for more information on the presentation or to view it again, I've reprinted the webinar abstract, included links to the live recording of the presentation and a link to the slide deck.

Webinar Abstract

Organizations are generating vast amounts of content and, with mobile access, enterprise social collaboration and cloud solutions, employees are sharing information in new ways, continually expanding how we collaborate.  Microsoft SharePoint has become the corporate information hub for most organizations, and SharePoint content is often coming from for both internal employees as well as external partners and clients. 

This presents new risks to organizations like the inadvertent exposure of sensitive information, malware entering the enterprise and regulatory compliance issues.
It’s important to consider if you are protecting yourself against these types of security risks and compliance issues? Is your corporate SharePoint Strategy using the best practices available for information security and governance?

In this live webinar, Antonio Maio, Microsoft SharePoint MVP, and Chris Taylor, Trend Micro Director of Global Product Marketing, will discuss how current shifts in SharePoint utilization can create risks and compliance concerns for even the most veteran users and IT organizations. 

Helpful Links

There were several Microsoft case studies mentioned in the presentation which describe successful Intranet and Extranet deployments of SharePoint.  Here are the links to those case studies:

You can view a live recording of the webinar by visiting: Live Recording.

In a portion of the webinar Chris spoke about Trend Micro's product: Portal Protect for SharePoint.  If you are interested in more information about this product, here are a few links that may be useful:

You can view the slide deck on SlideShare as well, either by visiting the following link SlideShare Presentation or by clicking through the embedded presentation below:

In the spirit of full disclosure, its important to note that the author was not paid to participate in this webinar, nor to review the vendor's product.  The purpose of this webinar and the supplementary information provided is to educate the SharePoint community on real issues and concerns with governance and security in SharePoint and present real-world solutions.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and enjoy!


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