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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Notes from SPC14: Building SharePoint Apps with Windows Azure "Platform as a Service"

Tuesday March 4, 2014 1:45-3:00pm
Speakers: Kirk Evans
Developer Session 

I attended a great session today by Kirk Evans on using Windows Azure "Platform as a Service" features to build SharePoint Apps.  Most of it was live demos, which is hard to take notes on, but here are a few random notes.  See the bottom for a link to his blog. 

  • When building apps, you are not building them for just 1 customer - you are building it for multiple customers and it will need to scale
  • Install the Azure SDK in Visual Studio - you get a new Azure node in the project tree 

  • Azure Web Sites - can access through the Azure node in Visual Studio
    • Can get failed event tracing from here 

  • Remote debugging supported in Azure Management Portal 

  • Download Publish Profile - same as web deploy 

  • Right click on project, select Publish
    • Asks for a profile 

  • Important concepts to know:
    • Client ID
    • Client Secret 

  • Generated in Azure - save them
  • These values get inserted into web.config as part of web deploy process 

  • When deploying to Azure, must use HTTPS
  • App Packaging - during packaging process you must select if you trust the app or not, and what operations is it allowed to perform (read, write, etc.)
  • When deploying SharePoint App to Azure, you can choose the web site mode and how to scale the site as load increases 

Components Making Up Windows Azure Platform as a Service

Windows Azure Storage Abstractions
  • Blobs - simple named files along with metadata for the file
  • Drives - durables NTFS volumes for Windows Azure
  • Tables
  • Queues 

SDK, Tutorials and Documentation:

  • Get started for free
    • 10 free Azure web sites
    • 40 MB free Azure SQL database
  • Free one month trial
    • $200 credit
    • Full access to everything
  • MSDN Benefit
    • $150 in credits every month

AMS - App Model Samples
Source for great reference app implementations
Publishing channel for ready to use examples on apps, which you can use in your own projects

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Kirk Evan's blog contains step by step instructions and code samples used in his demo today: 

Great session!

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