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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

SOLD OUT: Microsoft BUILD Tour Canada June 10 - Register to Watch It LIVE

In just a couple of days, Microsoft BUILD Tour Canada will be returning for 2016. 

Unfortunately the onsite in person event is now SOLD OUT!  You can still watch it LIVE and experience all the great Microsoft speakers on some new Microsoft technologies that have just been announced. 

Make sure you register for the live stream here: LIVE STREAM Microsoft BUILD Tour Canada

This is an awesome, free event that I highly recommend!  Its become really popular year after year!  You'll get:
  • Deep Dives on the top announcements from Microsoft's annual BUILD conference
  • It’s all about new technology: Sessions, Demos and Coding exercises
  • Helps customers prepare their skillsets, app and software businesses for the future using the latest Microsoft technologies
  • Delivered by Engineers from Microsoft HQ
  • Unlike the general Build Conference, this event is completely free event!

You'll find a number of great sessions including:
  • What's new in Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform
  • How to Use a single codebase and adaptive UX to target PC, mobile, Xbox and HoloLens, while connecting to the broader internet of things
  • How to Use Xamarin and Microsoft's cloud services to build rich cross platform experiences with the skills you already have
  • How to Extend your existing Win32/.NET and websites to leverage the latest Universal Windows Platform capabilities

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