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Saturday, November 10, 2012

SharePoint Conference 2012: My Session Picks

The first wave of the TITUS crew arrived at SPC12 early this morning (Saturday).  We're getting settled in, registering for the conference and making sure all our stuff arrived.

We're very excited about this show.  We've got some great new features to show in the TITUS SharePoint Security Suite, so please stop by booth #865 if you're interested in talking about SharePoint security and about how TITUS helps you automate and manage it.  Namely, if you're interested in:
  • Securing information in SharePoint at a fine grained level
  • Raising awareness about sensitive content, with automatic visual security labels on Office or PDF documents
  • Enforcing access control policies in SharePoint so that sensitive content can sit beside non-sensitive content
  • Denying access to specific users even if they're part of groups that have access
  • Enforcing security automatically and dynamically using metadata and/or claims and without impacting performance
  • Managing security policies at the site collection, site or library/list levels
  • Auditing permissions and policy administration by administrators

 ...we have some awesome new features to show you!

Using the MySPC site to look over and pick sessions was really helpful, but there is a huge selection and it was really hard to choose from those available.  I've ended up with a session list that looks great, but I've got quite a few overlapping sessions so it'll ultimately be a tough choice to figure out which ones I make it to.  As I've written in a couple of other articles I'm really impressed that about 10% of the 300+ sessions are about security, governance and managing risk within SharePoint.  As you can imagine, most of my session picks fall within that category.  I've also focussed on the speakers that I know to be real experts in their fields - those that I've read extensively and seen present in person.

Here's my larger session list, as it currently stands.  Hopefully this helps some of you focus in on the sessions you want to attend:

1.       Keynote (8:30- to 10:30)

2.       SharePoint Server 2013: What’s new for IT professionals (11am – 12:15pm)

3.       What’s New with Enterprise Content Management (2 – 3:15pm)

4.       Customer Showcase: ECM Governance principles at Shell - Best practice in managing multi-terabyte document management scenarios (3:45 – 5pm)

5.       Overview of the new SharePoint Online (9 – 10:30am)

6.   Gimmel:  records management in the cloud (10:45 – 11:45am)
7.   Showcase:  Microsoft’s 200TB Records Management System (10:45 – 11:45am)
Tough choice!

8.   SharePoint 2013 Performance and Capacity Management (1:45 – 3pm)
9.   Understanding OAuth, Rest and Odaa (1:45 – 3pm)
Tough choice!

10.   Automating SharePoint Governance and Management (3:15 – 4:30pm)

11.   SharePoint 2013 Identity and Authentication Smackdown (5 – 6:15pm)

12.       User Profile Synchronization Best Practices in SharePoint Server 2013 (9 – 10:15am)
13.       Implementing Federated Services (1:45 – 3pm)

14.       Deep dive on Information Rights Management in SharePoint 2013 (3 – 4:15pm)
15.       How do we do it:  Building and Managing SharePoint Online (3 – 4:15pm)
16.       Custom Security Trimming for Search in SharePoint 2013 (3 – 4:15pm)
Tough choice!
17.       Deep dive: Integrating SharePoint metadata with other metadata stores (5 – 6:15pm)
18.       SharePoint data security and compliance (5 – 6:15pm)
19.       Customer Showcase: Exelon-Constellation meets Business Critical Compliance Requirements with SharePoint (5 – 6:15pm)
Tough choice!

20.   Best Practises for records Management (9 – 10:15am)

21.   SharePoint Web Templates for on-premise and the Cloud (12 – 1:15pm)

Of course there's also lots of parties and events happening outside of sessions to look forward to as well. Hoping to connect with many people while here. If you'd like to meet up feel free to drop me a line or stop by booth #865 - if I'm not there my colleagues can get a hold of me or setup a time for us to meet.

Enjoy SPC12!


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