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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Product Review by Joel Oleson: TITUS Metadata Security for SharePoint

Joel Oleson is probably one of the most well known SharePoint experts, bloggers, and community members.  He travels widely promoting and talking about the many aspects of SharePoint.  He recently reviewed one of our products here at TITUS: Metadata Securtiy for SharePoint.  Joel provides a fair assessment of the product, where it fits into the SharePoint space and the value that it brings to customers that are managing access to sensitive information in SharePoint.

Joel talks about how the product fits in with the security and governance needs of many organizations today, especially as they work towards achieving compliance with the appropriate standards for their industry.  His insights and experience into how organizations are looking at their governance requirements and very well written.  We highly encourage you to read his full article in particular to learn about which aspects of governance, compliance and security are important to industries today and how you can address them in your SharePoint environments.

Some of the points that Joel brings out are:
  • TITUS Metadata Security for SharePoint provides a lot of great features for managing your environment, based on metadata.  The key thing to understand is that it is dynamic.  It enforces governance, based on rules or attributes of a user.
  • TITUS Metadata Security for SharePoint  provides the proper controls at the right levels while dynamically addressing your data governance needs.

He also provides a great description of the product, how it works and how its used by TITUS customers today:
  • What you’ll get from TITUS is a rules engine that will not correct user behavior 100%, but it will provide additional insight and make it easier for users to do the right thing.
  • I am happy to see a solution like this that starts to bring focus on making SharePoint compliant, and can do it in a straightforward way that is easy to understand.”

You can read Joel's full article article here: Product Review of TITUS Metadata Security by Joel Oleson.

The TITUS Security Suite for SharePoint enhances SharePoint security and ensures that security policies are applied consistently and automatically across all your sensitive content in SharePoint. These solutions ensure the right people see the right information, raise the awareness of sensitive information and promote end user accountability. The TITUS Security Suite for SharePoint is made up of two products:

TITUS Metadata Security for SharePoint
TITUS Metadata Security protects information in SharePoint by ensuring that the right people are accessing the right information. TITUS enhances SharePoint security by automatically applying permissions to sensitive documents and lists based on their metadata. With Metadata Security Claims Edition, organizations can combine metadata and trusted user claims to control access to content. With TITUS Metadata Security for SharePoint, there is no need to manually define access rights for every document, and you can be sure that security access policies are applied consistently and automatically across all your sensitive content in SharePoint.

TITUS Document Policy Manager
TITUS Document Policy Manager protects information in SharePoint by raising awareness and promoting end user accountability. TITUS automatically marks Microsoft Office and PDF documents in SharePoint with visual labels and converts documents to Adobe PDF. With TITUS Document Policy Manager, organizations can apply visual labels and document conversions consistently and automatically to all relevant content in SharePoint, ensuring consistent and compliant security is applied across the entire enterprise.

You can find out more about TITUS Metadata Security for SharePoint on the product web site.

Thanks Joel!



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